Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Björk: August 5, 1995

Björk has long been a favorite artist of mine, ever since her days fronting the Sugarcubes. I saw that band twice: opening an amazing alt-rock bill with Public Image Ltd. and New Order, and headlining its own tour for the 1989 album Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week. The latter show was a mini disaster that ended after only about 45 minutes when the band's Einar Örn Benediktsson shouted, "Some asshole hit me in the eye with a chain," tossed off a "Fuck you as well!" to someone in the crowd who dared to jeer, then stormed off the stage, his bandmates following somewhat sheepishly.

Björk's solo English-language debut, aptly titled Debut, was a big hit at the time I was studying in England. My globe-trotting was done by the time her sophomore effort, Post, arrived. I was anxious to see her after so many years (six) and minus Einar's shenanigans.

I can't recall much about Björk's band. I have a vision of her center stage, a small but commanding presence. The set consisted of songs from Debut and Post, and her voice sounded amazing - which made it all the more memorable that she kept apologizing for trying to sing with a cold. I remember my friend and I asking each other, if this is what she sounds like with a cold, how in the world would she sound if she were well?! She was, and remains, a true talent.


  1. Was this the one where Aphex Twin opened and we couldn't figure out why it was dark, and talked through the whole thing?

  2. Yes! That was hilarious! "Why is it dark if no one's onstage yet?" Not the most exciting opening act.