Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ringo Starr: July 30, 1989

I recall shamefully little about this show, which was the only time I've ever seen a member of the Beatles. Believe me, I tried to see McCartney, standing countless hours in the freezing cold outside a department store Ticketmaster in January only to hear the unobstructed seats sold out, then the side-of-stage seats sold out, then even the behind-the-stage seats sold out. Alas, it will probably never happen.

This was the first of many of Ringo's tours with his self-proclaimed "All-Starr Band," comprised of various rock luminaries from days gone by. I recall Joe Walsh played at this show, Billy Preston, Dr. John, and some others. It was a solid band, actually, and Ringo led them in good-natured versions of singalong classics such as "Photograph" and "Yellow Submarine" - a mix of songs from his Beatles and solo careers.

One odd off-the-cuff thing I recall: The tickets for this show seemed quite expensive at the time. Looking back, it's funny to see that the face value was $25. With the service fees, they soared to over $30, which by today's standards is one of the cheaper shows you'll see, but in 1989 was still pretty pricey. I guess All-Starrs don't work for nothing.

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